MTV Woodstock Kids

Interview from the summer of '94, featuring four children of musicians who were at the Woodstock Festival and look back on some things they remember, or don't remember. Featured are Justin Kreutzmann (son ofBill Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead)25, China Kantner (daughter of Grace Slick & Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane)23, Seven Ann MacDonald (daughter ofCountry Joe MacDonald)25, and Delphine Robertson (daughter of Robbie Robertson of The Band)24.

Justin: My dad, Bill Kreutzmann was a founding member of The Grateful Dead and played for 30 years.


Justin (cont'd): I was actually taken to the Woodstock festival at three months because my parents couldn't find a babysitter.

Delphine: Right after I was born we moved to Woodstock. It was very natural, very organic. Everyone was nice and had a lot of hair.

Justin: Well, the best memory I don't have of it is when my dad told me, is um, they had a sound guy at the time named Osley, who was more famous...

China: Oh, yes!

Justin: ...for making acid in the 60s. And crazy enough they let him do sitcoms. (story jumps forward) So, it starts to rain and they're playing on a steel stage, and every time Weir, or Pigpen, or Garcia test their guitars, they got huge shocks. And um, they're also picking up radio frequencies from all the FM..from the walkie-talkies...which they used in...

Delphine: Spinal Tap.

Justin: Spinal Tap.

China: My mom hated the bathroom situation. And I think it freaked her out that she was in the middle of 500,000 people.

Clip runs of Country Joe MacDonald singing "Fixin' To Die Rag" at Woodstock festival.

Seven: His solo performance was simply because, you know, the schedule was blown and they didn't have anybody...(to China) I think it was your parents that were like having trouble getting in from the hotel or whatever the case might be.

China: Mmm hmm. Right.

Seven: And they were suppose to go on and somebody came up and said, "Go on!" And a guy came running up and handed him a guitar and he goes, "Well, I don't have a strap. The guy came and ran over and tied some string to it. And then he goes, "Well, I don't have a pick." And they gave him a matchbook, and then they just shoved him out there and said...

Clip of Joe MacDonald on stage as the announcer introduces him.

Seven (cont'd): He said he was just totally, absolutely terrified.

China: (holding up her mother's dress) This is the dress my mother wore to Woodstock. Along with some white bell-bottomed pants and some shoes...or maybe not some shoes. And some of the sweat marks have every part of Woodstock you can imagine (holds up and smells dress).

Delphine: This is a picture of Bob and my older sister and it was taken inside our house at Woodstock.

Seven: (pointing to tickets under glass) This right here is an original Woodstock ticket. Very interesting note, eight dollars, eight dollars, eight dollars, total, twenty-four.


Seven: My father said in an interview the other day that they were talking about corporate Woodstock and blah, blah, blah, and he said, "Well you never know, the walls still might come down." And which I thought was pretty funny. I mean you never know. I mean, I hate to underestimate my generation.

Justin: Forget Generation-X, this is like "Generation Next."

China, Seven, Delphine: (in unison) Generation Next!

China: That is so perfect.

Delphine: So awesome!

China: Generation Next, that's what we are.

Reporter on ending note from Woodstock II festival Seven, Justin, and Delphine are all here, having driven from L.A. And uh, somebody will try to find them in the crowd later, but not me.

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